Moxxi Pilates Chair
Features and Benefits

Pilates Chair

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Spin Seat

Acts as a catalyst firing up your core stabilizing muscles

Targets core at multiple points of rotation, flexion and extension

Provides Increased range of motion

Locks in two positions for greater support of all body types


Spring Based Resistance

9 levels of resistance for all fitness levels

Creates longer-leaner muscles

Low-load: easy on the joints, helps prevent injury



Allows for reciprocal movement as in walking or climbing

Provides unilateral movement

Corrects muscular imbalances

Builds core stability


Functional Resistance Bands

Expands Moxxi fitness repertoire

Expedites a full-body integrated workout

Hand and foot straps target arms, shoulders, legs and glutes


man on pilates chair

Beauty and Hunk Benefits

Strength without bulk

Strong, Round Shoulders

Flat, Sculpted Abs

Higher, Lifted Seat

Trimmed Waistline

Leaner, Toned Arms & Legs

Impeccable Posture

woman on pilates chair

Functional Benefits

Core Strength & Stability

Functional Flexibility

Balance & Coordination

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles

Strong Back

Joint Stability

Enhanced Mobility

Improved Breathing